Government Fleets

Government Fleets

You are not a commercial business—and we understand what makes you different. NOCELL™ can be tailored to specifically meet your government fleet needs.

Groups of drivers that operate various government, school & university vehicles have different roles and mobile app needs. The Nocell Technologies commercial-grade distracted driving management platform empowers you to configure and customize the system to maximize safety—while protecting employee, administration, staff, union worker and contractor privacy.

Fleet Types

  • State, City & County Vehicle Pools
  • Public Safety (Police, Fire & Emergency Services)
  • School & University
  • Public Utility
  • Public Transportation
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Military & National Guard

Vehicle Types

  • City/County Transit Buses & Vans
  • Garbage & Recycle Trucks
  • Water & Sewage Vehicles
  • Snow Plows & Spreaders
  • Maintenance & Road Repair Vehicles
  • Flatbeds, Cargo & Stake Trucks
  • School Buses & Shuttles
  • Ambulance & Rescue Vehicles
  • City/County Trucks, Cars, SUV’s & Vans
    (Gas, Electric, Hybrid, Natural Gas)

Get your public employees and contractors home safely!

Driving DISTRACTION… to the CURB.