Fleet Insurance Carriers

Fleet Insurance Carriers

Commercial vehicle collisions and related insurance settlements are rapidly rising—and fleet premiums are correspondingly increasing. In the U.S. trucking industry alone, premiums rose 29% year-over-year in 2015 and an additional 7% in 2018.

Insurance carriers want to attract and acquire new customers, plus retain current policy holders. Company fleets utilizing technology tools to enforce a safe driving policy will reduce mounting claims and legal costs attributable to crashes caused by unauthorized mobile device use.

There is light at the end of the tunnel—several InsurTech (aka #InsTech & #InsureTech) companies have recently emerged. These technology suppliers provide insurance telematics tools and mobile apps that deliver advanced analytics, driver behavior scores, Usage Based Insurance (UBI), and Hours of Service (HOS) Electronic Logging Device (ELD) compliance solutions.

The Nocell Technologies commercial-grade distracted driving management platform was purpose-built to rapidly integrate as an add-on service to these InsurTech telematics solutions—running in the background as part of the insurance app.

  • A cut above the competition
  • Extensible object-oriented architecture
  • Easy-to-integrate open API’s
  • Trouble-free native mobile app SDK’s
  • Ready to launch on iOS & Android
Fleet Insurance Carriers
Integrate SDK
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Private label NOCELLtag with your logo (option)
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Access data via API library, combine & feature in your management software
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NOCELL™ improves risk mitigation and loss prevention for your insurance customers and enables them to attract and retain higher-value policy holders.

Driving DISTRACTION… to the CURB.