Commercial Fleets

Commercial Fleets

Commercial fleets come in many shapes and sizes. Groups of drivers that operate various vehicles have different roles and functions—and possess different business and productivity mobile app needs.

The NOCELL™ driver device management DDM™ platform empowers you to configure, customize and tailor the system to maximize productivity and minimize risk. NOCELL spans numerous fleet market segments and addresses a diverse range of driver safety policy enforcement use cases.

Fleet Types

  • People & Goods Transportation
  • Long-haul, Short-haul & Last-Mile Carriers
  • Delivery & Express
  • Sales & Field Service
  • Gas, Water & Electric Utility
  • Telecom, Cable & Satellite Dish
  • Engineering & Construction
  • Plumbers & HVAC Service
  • Oil, Gas, Renewable Energy, Chemical & Polymer
  • Grocery, Food, Beverage, Restaurant & Catering
  • Movers, Auto Transport, Furniture & Appliance
  • Agricultural, Landscape & Pest Control
  • Supply Chain, Logistics, Warehouse & Distribution

Vehicle Types

  • Company-Owned, Leased, Personally-Owned (used for business)
  • Light-duty, Medium-duty & Heavy-duty Trucks
  • Busses, Limos, Taxis, Vans, Pickups, Fifth-Wheels, 4x4’s, Minibuses, SUV’s & Sedans
  • Semis, Big-Rigs, Low Boys, Tractors, Cabs, Trailers, Sleepers, Transports, Transfers & Roll-Offs
  • Flatbeds, Caravans, Skids, Mixers, Dump Trucks, Tow Trucks, Container & Bulk Trucks
  • Wreckers, Tankers, Lifts, Lorries, Tippers, Cranes, Excavators, Bulldozers & Bucket Trucks
  • Refrigerated Trucks, Box Trucks, Rack Trucks, Stake Beds, Cargo & Dry Vans, etc.

Commercial fleets large and small trust Nocell Technologies. With NOCELL, you can effectively manage unsafe, distracted driving behavior, unauthorized app use and deviations from policy. Administrators can set up early-warning alerts to mitigate accidents, injuries and loss.

No Distraction. No Worry. NOCELL.