Nocell Technologies offers resources to help define the epidemic of distracted driving and help our customers and partners with information that further defines the NOCELL™ solution and its value. Please check back regularly.

NOCELL Distracted Driving Management [product brief]

Enforce your driver safety smartphone policy.
Protect your employees, company, and assets.

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Distracted Driving and the Cost to Fleets [white paper]

Distracted driving is quickly becoming the most critical safety issue for fleets.

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Distracted Driving—A Deadly & Costly Epidemic [white paper]

Cell phone distraction is pervasive, costly & uncontrolled.
The challenge—How do you enforce cell phone policies?

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Curb Device Distraction [presentation]

Fleet driver risk is at an all-time high!
NOCELL’s driver device management DDM™
enables companies to enforce cell phone policy.

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