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NOCELL Debuts Distracted Driving Risk Management Solution at the 2019 Fleet Safety Conference

Friday, January 10, 2020

The team at Nocell Technologies just returned from attending the 2019 Fleet Safety Conference in Henderson, NV, which ran October 28-30th.  We debuted our distracted driving risk management solution, NOCELL™, at the outdoor Vehicle Safety & Technology Showcase. Our thanks go out to Bobit Business Media for the opportunity and putting on another great show!

Nocell Technologies displayed our platform alongside 30+ vendors; each highlighting the best new technology in fleet safety. If you didn’t get a chance to see us at the conference, you can check out our social media for conference highlights.

NOCELL Live DriveDuring the showcase, visitors had the opportunity to go for a ride with our driver and see the NOCELL solution work in a “Live Drive” demo.  As part of the demo they were able to witness unauthorized, distracting apps being removed from devices, and returned back to the devices after the vehicle came to a stop.

“The Live Drive participants, who weren’t quite sure what to expect, were impressed by the experience,” remarked our COO, Don McKeefery. “Dozens of people saw NOCELL effectively remove distractions and proactively work to protect drivers, all while allowing continued use of authorized apps, such as maps.”

One commonly asked question concerned drivers who bring unauthorized devices into the vehicle, alongside their work-provided device(s). NOCELL provides the ability to control up to 3 devices per driver if allowed by your policy and sends managers an alert when fleet drivers violate your policy by bringing unauthorized/unprotected devices into the vehicle. 

NOCELL is designed to enforce your safety policy, protect drivers & assets, and effectively eliminate mobile app distractions.

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