Mitigate distracted driving.


Mitigate distracted driving. Reduce loss within your fleet. Get your drivers home safely.
You set the policy and parameters for what the drivers can and can’t do while driving.

No Distraction. No Worry. NOCELL™.

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Mitigate distracted driving.

Fleet Technology Providers

Increase your fleet services revenue. Integrate seamlessly & deploy rapidly.
Deliver value-added services to your customers—and reap the rewards.

No Distraction. No Worry. NOCELL™.

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Enforce your safe-driver fleet policy.


Enforce your fleet safety policy. Protect your employees, company & assets.
You set the policy—now you can ensure compliance.

No Distraction. No Worry. NOCELL™.

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Curb Driver 

The NOCELL app limits driver cell phone usage, enabling policy enforcement and reducing driver distraction. Our unobtrusive NOCELLtag™ creates the NOCELL Zone—automatically disabling apps that distract.

Solution Overview

The NOCELL solution is the result of extensive research.

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Whether you’re a local florist with three delivery vans, a city/county/state government with a mix of trucks and cars, or a multi-national shipping conglomerate with thousands of vehicles, protecting your drivers—and your company—is paramount.

NOCELL helps you do both—with fully customizable, easily-integrated, app-specific disabling technology that keeps your drivers focused on the road. NOCELL is an enterprise-grade solution that integrates into fleet telematics and infrastructure to effectively prevent unauthorized mobile device use.


Patent-Pending. Iron‐clad.

NOCELL is built on a proprietary, patent-pending platform uniquely designed to integrate seamlessly into your telematics solution.

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Fleet Technology Providers

NOCELL can be directly integrated into telematics, insurance, fleet and field service management systems. Reach out to us today and let’s start the conversation.

Want to learn how to acquire NOCELL-enabled solutions? Send us a note and we’ll help you find what you need.

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Nocell Technologies partners with the leading providers of fleet and field management systems, telematics, mobility services, InsurTech and mobile carriers. All to enrich the value of their solutions, increase road safety and reduce liability.


    Our mission is to be a global leader in decreasing vehicle crashes, injuries, and fatalities, caused by smartphone and tablet distraction.

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Allied with Safety

Nocell Technologies is on a mission to minimize the effects of cell phone distraction while driving, and by extension, risk and loss—is championed by dozens of organizations around the world. Take a look at our affiliations and meet a community dedicated to advancing the importance of safe driving.