Mitigate distracted driving.


Mitigate distracted driving. Get your drivers home safely. Reduce loss within your fleet.
You set the policy and parameters for what drivers can and can’t do while driving.

Driving DISTRACTION… to the CURB.

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Mitigate distracted driving.

Fleet Technology Providers

Increase your fleet services revenue. Integrate seamlessly & deploy rapidly.
Deliver value-added services to your customers—and reap the rewards.

Driving DISTRACTION… to the CURB.

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Enforce your safe-driver fleet policy.


Enforce your fleet driver safety policy.
Protect your employees, assets, and the public.
You set the policy—now you can ensure compliance.

Driving DISTRACTION… to the CURB.

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Curb Driver 

The NOCELL™ app enables custom policy enforcement and limits driver distraction caused by mobile device usage. Our unobtrusive NOCELLtag™ creates the NOCELL Zone to disable unauthorized apps.

How NOCELL Works

The NOCELL app on the driver's device interfaces with the NOCELLtag and removes distracting apps from the phone when company policy parameters are triggered.

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True Cost of Driver Distraction

Potential loss of life

Protracted legal issues

Loss of company assets

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Whether you’re a local florist with three delivery vans, a government fleet, or a multi-national shipping conglomerate with thousands of vehicles -- protecting your drivers and your company is paramount.

NOCELL helps you do both with a fully customizable turn-key solution, and app-specific disabling technology to keep your drivers focused on driving.

You set the policy.


Patent-Pending. Iron-clad.

NOCELL is built on a proprietary, patent-pending platform that restricts the use of mobile apps while driving.

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Fleet Technology Providers

NOCELL is the proactive solution to distracted driving and can be directly integrated into telematics, insurance, fleet and field service management systems.

Add NOCELL to the fleet services you provide -- we help keep your customers safer.

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Nocell Technologies was founded by a group of technology experts to make a difference in driver safety. We united with a burning desire to do something about the deadly and costly distracted driving epidemic.


    Prevent smartphone driving distractions to protect employees, company assets, and the public.


    Be the leader in proactive mobile app distracted driving solutions.

    • Dedicated to Driver Safety

    • Empowering our Partners

    • Safeguarding the Future

    Fred Thiel | Co-CEO

    Fred Thiel Co-CEO

    Sam Inman | Co-CEO

    Sam Inman Co-CEO

    Don McKeefery | Chief Operating Officer

    Don McKeefery COO